From the ’10 Day Drink Keto Challenge’ to the ’60 Hour Keto Reboot’, we have you covered!

Whether you like to READ or WATCH, there are some great resources here to help you make the most of our amazing line of Exogenous Ketone products. Any further questions, direct them to your Customer Support Chat Thread and/or email to speak directly with Pruvit.




If you purchased some ketones online you’re now eligible to access an incredible tool called the ‘Go Guide‘. Click below, login with your new customer account login details and let the Interactive Go Guide take you through the beginning of your Keto journey!


This 10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge has been simplified for you with this quick yet powerful Challenge.

Before you get started, open off this guide and let’s set some intentions. Mindset and perspective are the key to success! Connect with the support team of people that have introduced you to the product if you have any questions!

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The 8 Week Drink Ketones Challenge is jam-packed with daily workouts with celebrity trainers, meal plans, HACKS on how to maximize the power of your Pure Therapeutic Ketones®, and so much more!

You gain access to the 8 Week Drink Ketones Challenge coaching through: and you must have an active automatic delivery of product each month that we call ‘SmartShip’. 22% off every month! Cant beat it! Watch the video on this page to teach you how to turn it on!


Transform With Keto is a website and email accountability coaching service that is completely for FREE, created and run by Pruvit Promoters in this amazing community wanting you to succeed! No strings attached!

Visit the website, type in your name and email and voila! You’re in! Easy to unsubscribe yourself at any time.

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Accountability and motivation are two things that prevent people achieving the goals they want in life, so we have 2 amazing private Facebook Group communities to help make sure that is never a problem! They are two groups that contain an absolute wealth of knowledge, testimonials, motivation and education. You must be invited to these groups by a promoter, so contact them if you want in!

Drink Ketones Daily (Official Pruvit run FB Group)

The Keto Life (Run by Independent Pruvit Promoters)


The Keto Reboot guide, along with access to Keto Reboot Coaches, gives you the resources, inspiration, and accountability you need to succeed! Also, join the Drink Ketones Daily Facebook group for expert support each month during your 60 hours!

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This guide has you covered when it comes to education around ketones and ketosis, intermittent fasting, ‘carb appropriate’ eating at restaurants, a keto food guide and information about water and exercise!

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Whilst Keto OS NAT is NOT a fat loss supplement, fat loss is certainly one of the main benefits a lot of people do experience. This video series by world renowned Keto Expert Dustin Schaffer of the USA, delves into what you need to know if Fat Loss is what you want!

1) INTRO (1:33min)

Here’s a quick video intro to this guide.

2) ADAPTATION (2:21min)

Most of us haven’t had ketones in our body in any meaningful level for any meaningful length of time since we were newborns… This is our Native Energy source, but we need to give ourselves some time to adapt..

2) THE SHIFT (3:15 min)

Once you start to feel ketone energy… if you feel great you can really start to make a SHIFT over to a lifestyle that is going to bring you dramatic change and a better you.

4) OPTIMIZED (2:33min)

Its time to really take our human performance to the next level… Not just athleticism, but operating at your best you everyday of your life… You can live life Optimized!

5) LIVE (4:01min)

There is no point in thinking you are going to be perfect all the time, and no fun in it either… We are all going to be far from perfect and Keto//OS is the perfect thing to help us LIVE it up.

6) MAINTAIN (3:46 min)

Is this one of those things where you gain the weight back… Oh Hell No! (Well unless you’re a dope


1/ Test and Measure Your Progress
Take daily notes about your energy levels, sleep and mood in particular and if body shape change is a goal, consider measuring the relevant body parts where you hold extra fat, take photos and weigh yourself minimally unless you have access to Bio-Impedance Bodyfat Scales, DEXA or In-Body Scans. Keto OS helps preserves muscle very effectively, which weighs more than fat, so the scales are not a good indicator of fat loss and just going by feeling may not give your the full picture. Remember fat loss can come quick for some and take a few months for others. See this image to below to illustrate how the same weight can have completely different sizes! Your results can certainly be inspiring for other people in the community, so consider sharing them if that’s the case!

The awesome thing about Exogenous Ketones is that you can actual prove to yourself that you’re in ketosis! Consider purchasing a ‘Blood Ketone Monitor’ and measure the levels of ketones in your blood. An alternative is a urine stick, which are not as accurate. A popular brand used in Australia is the FreeStyle Optium Neo Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System. Search for deals in your area on Ebay or purchase from a chemist.

2/ Keto OS – Drink slowly
People have reported sipping it over a 10-15min period has been most beneficial.

3/ Keto OS – Mix with ice and more water than prescribed
It is suggested to drink 1 full sachet with 12 ounces / 350ml. Most people drink it in a full shaker bottle (eg: Blender Bottle) 20 ounces / 600ml or more, to extend the drinking time or dilute the sweetness of some flavours.

4/ Keto OS – Fat Loss is a common goal.
For best results we find you can drink Keto OS for breakfast, and then not eat until you get hungry – even if that’s lunch time. This can help maximise these results, but is not essential. Or you can do this some days, and other days, have your Keto OS after breakfast, around mid-morning. Exercising then soon after you consume Keto OS is a great way to capitalise on being in ketosis and utilising the extra energy you then have to have a more efficient workout. For more in depth instructions provided by Dustin Schaffer who’d been teaching Nutritional Ketosis for 15 years, please watch the videos series provided above on this page called ‘Mastering Your Best Body’.

5/ Keto OS – Muscle Gain / Preservation is also a common goal.
Ketosis is amazing for helping preserve muscle, especially from grinding workouts. You can take Keto OS 15-30 minutes before exercising for a great boost to help you power your way through a session and reduce or eliminate post exercise soreness over the coming days.

6/ Keto OS – Instead of making diet changes right away, let our products organically guide you.
Common feedback is that people feel way less cravings for sugar, and more cravings for fat, salads and less starchy carbs and tend to move towards a ketogenic diet without forcing it.  As you do change your diet, choose carbohydrate sources from vegetables and some fruit, and add in healthy fats like olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, oily fish, some raw cheeses, some fatty meats, etc. See links below for extra strategies.

7/ MCT 143 – Consider adding to Keto OS formulas
MCT (Medium Chains Triglycerides) are a type of fat that enhance the effects of Keto OS and provide extra satiation for people, preventing sugar cravings. Currently, Keto OS – The Holy Grail and Keto OS – Orange Dream 2.1 (not available anymore) are the only Keto OS formulas that contain MCT. You can add up to tablespoon to all other formulas in the form of:
– Keto Kreme (half packet per drink) – Pruvit product
– MCT 143 – Pruvit product
– Any other good quality MCT oil from a health food shop.

8/ Keto Kreme and Keto Kalm
Many community members suggest drinking a half a Keto Kalm per serve based on the sweetness and a half a Keto Kreme with a tea or coffee based on the volume of powder being enough. Try out a full and half serve to see what works for you!

9/ MITOPLEX Electrolytes
You cannot overdose on Electrolytes! So whilst 1 x day is suggested, you can consume more. Mitoplex is un-flavoured so can be added to your Keto OS without effecting taste.

10/ Do You Need to Exercise?
Are you supposed to exercise when using Keto OS? Well, it depends on your goals, but to receive the benefits of mental clarity, energy, less brain fog and a host of other benefits – NO you DO NOT have to exercise. If you wish to lose fat or increase muscle, then the addition or purposeful movement can certainly be of benefit.

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