September 14, 2020


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(2:25) Can you talk a little bit about Crohn’s Disease and Ketones? How do ketones impact our gut?
(3:40) Why didn’t it show that I was in ketosis, an hour after drinking my NAT?
(5:00) If you only have one kidney, is it safe to take ketones?
(6:00) Can you talk about Lyme disease on ketones?
(7:34) What is fatty liver, and can you take ketones if you have a fatty liver?
(8:40) Can I go through a pregnancy while on keto?
(9:25) Can you breastfeed when drinking ketones?
(9:40) If you use 3 NATs a day, what would be a good schedule?
(12:20) If you have an ulcer, can you drink ketones?
(13:27) When on keto, do you have to track your carbs? How is this done?
(15:25) Why do I experience loose stool or constipation on keto?
(17:28) Does the ketogenic diet throw of hormones in women?
(18:34) Can you drink ketones with Hashimoto or other autoimmune
(20:27) If you’re pre-diabetic, what can I do to prevent full-on diabetes?
(21:25) Do you need a prescription for bioidentical hormones?
(22:18) What are the effects of hot flashes and menopause while on keto?
(24:25) Does the ketogenic diet affect people with seizures?
(25:25) Effects of ketones with people living with ADHD?
(25:55) Can keto help with dementia (cognitive decline)?
(27:27) Blood pressure and inflammation with ketones?
(29:27) Is it okay to follow the ketogenic diet for an extended period?

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