September 14, 2020


Check out the timestamps to find your specific interest and skip to that time or watch the entire video to hear all the benefits of our programs.

00:00 Introduction.
04:10 What vitamins and supplements would you recommend while drinking Ketones?
06:00 Cheat meal and Ketones.
07:19 High blood pressure, Cholesterol levels and Ketones.
09:44 Sodium and Ketones.
10:40 Can you add protein powder to the morning Ketones serving?
11:18 Caffeine and Ketones.
12:00 How much magnesium do you recommend?
14:00 Diabetic, Ketoacidosis and Ketones.
16:19 Thyroid and Ketones.
20:15 Can you take exogenous ketones if you have a Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth?
21:44 What if you had thyroidectomy. Will the ketogenic diet still work?
22:30 Celiacs and Ketones.
23:47 Does ketones help with PCOS?
26:29 Headache, muscle cramping, and Ketones.
27:50 Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), alzheimer, and Ketones.

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